Welcome to Bio-Agro

Significant experience in an agricultural industry along with appropriate economic conditions allowed group of farmers to grow from fish farming facility into agricultural holding under “Bio Agro” company.

“Bio Agro” started its activity since 2004 and in 2016 was reorganized into agricultural holding that included different agricultural producers. Today activity of our holding ranges from almond tree plantations to cow and lamb farming along with storage facilities.

Our company focused not only on developing its own farming but also inviting other farmers to join our farming community in order to fully explore benefits of new markets and Bio Agro experience in agricultural field.

 “Bio Agro” community helps farmers to streamline their production and sales as well as get access to more efficient hormone free livestock growing technologies.

While farmers get access to market and technologies to fully explore their potential, livestock buyers get the opportunity to buy different type of livestock with flexible delivery options.

Our History

1989 – “Bio Agro” started its activity under company named “Progress” as a black caviar producing company.

2000 –Bio Agro” transformed its activity into animal farming and got its present name.

2004 – Bio Agro” entered construction business. 

2016 – “Bio Agro” set up its first almond plantations in Absheron region of Azerbaijan.

2017 – Almond plantations expanded to an area of 27 hectares and number of storage facilities were built on site.

2021 – “Bio Agro” started to build a food plant facility to produce canned food for local and international markets.


Start of Crowd Farming

In 2020 Azerbaijan freed its territories from long term occupation.  Pristine soils abandoned for more than 30 years provided a unique opportunity for our agricultural development.

Newly created opportunities for fresh land cultivation along with fast expansion of almond plantations created huge demand for capital to further fuel skyrocket growth.

At that point “Bio Agro” decided to create an investment approach allowing retail investors participate to participate in soaring agricultural projects.

Investment approach is based on transparent and efficient principle of direct ownership of part of the farm or plantation. Thus each investor becomes a commodity owner at a farm and is entitled to all the profits.

Our plans

Today development of agricultural products was pronounced as one of the strategic goals for Azerbaijan.

Fast development of agricultural sector along with government support creates a unique opportunity to streamline farming and agricultural potential to fulfill local and international demand. Mapping out farmers demands we would be able to help farmers who have limited collateral to get extra investments to pursue the development of their business in Azerbaijan.

Our long-term goal is to implicate the positive experience gain in certain agricultural industries Azerbaijan in other developing countries and developing new agricultural and animal farming through attracting investments and direct involvements of our consumers.

Our mission

Our Joint efforts to attract people’s attention to agriculture sector would allow investors and consumers to get products from farmers directly.

Cultivation of the importance of fresh and healthy food as a major factor of great health would help people to save time money on no needed medicine.


Our attempt to create an awareness of the real benefits of natural products would help promote those products to the market along with time saving delivery concept.

Attract world’s attention to huge food wastage problems that takes place at all big suppliers.

Explore the opportunities of food distribution and delivery to ensure that only quality food is delivered to final consumer with least possible wastage.

Develop an awareness of people how to maximum benefit and preserve the nature through consuming only natural hormones and preservative free products.

  Our Contacts:

Gala Village, Azerbaijan

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