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Significant experience in an agricultural industry along with appropriate economic conditions allowed group of farmers to grow from fish farming facility into agricultural holding under “Bio Agro” company.

“Bio Agro” started its activity since 2004 and in 2016 was reorganized into agricultural holding that included different agricultural producers. Today activity of our holding ranges from almond tree plantations to cow and lamb farming along with storage facilities.

Our company focused not only on developing its own farming but also inviting other farmers to join our farming community in order to fully explore benefits of new markets and Bio Agro experience in agricultural field.

 “Bio Agro” community helps farmers to streamline their production and sales as well as get access to more efficient hormone free livestock growing technologies.

While farmers get access to market and technologies to fully explore their potential, livestock buyers get the opportunity to buy different type of livestock with flexible delivery options.


The financial projections that appear on the website are estimated revenues, expenses, and cash flow, which are based on research and the assumptions discussed throughout this Business Plan. They represent the best of management’s knowledge and belief and also are based on actual operations in Bio-Agro holding in Azerbaijan. The Company’s expected revenues, expenses, and cash flow for the projected periods are subject to the ability to develop sales and production levels at the price and costs estimated by management. Accordingly, these projections reflect management’s estimates and is expected course of action if such sales and production levels are attained at the price and costs anticipated.

These projected financial statements are for the purpose of providing updated information to existing and new investors. These projected financial statements should not be considered to be a presentation to forecast future results. Accordingly, these projections may not be useful for other purposes.

The assumptions disclosed herein are those that management believes are significant to the projections. Furthermore, even if the sales and production levels as well as the projected price and costs are attained, there will usually be differences between projected and actual results because events and circumstances frequently do not occur as expected, and those differences may be material

In furnishing the projected computations the Bio-Agro undertakes no obligation to provide recipients with access to any additional information to correct any inaccuracies that may be contained herein.

In addition, certain estimates and projections prepared by the Bio-Agro are subject to significant economic, business, and other uncertainties beyond the control of Bio-Agro. Although such projections are believed to be realistic, no representations can be made as to their attainability. While the information set forth herein are deemed by the Bio-Agro to be accurate, the company shall not beheld liable for the accuracy of, or omissions from this Business Plan, and for any other written or oral communication transmitted in the course of its evaluation of transactions involving the Bio-Agro.