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FAQ of Money Tree ownership.


How can I invest in almond trees?

Your investment is an actual purchase of the tree and land under it at our fields.  We are taking care for tree for a fee coming from split profit of the harvest. Once purchased you are entitled to all the derived benefits such annual almond yield plus a tree price growth.


How it works?

Let’s you purchased a 1year old tree for 300$. The returns you will be getting are:

In US $.

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year 4th Year 5th Year
15 25 35 40 40


This is approximate amount you would get based on the price. Price on the trees and new type of trees are coming up on a daily basis. Returns are growing over time as tree matures.

Check our home page to see actual investment trees for sale.


Is the purchase real?

Yes all purchases are real and legal with proper forms of ownership provided to the owners of the trees.


What if anything happens to my trees? 

Usually nothing happens to the trees unless there is no countrywide emergency.

We are harvesting crop from all the trees at ones and then profit is split equally among the number of existing trees. Thus even if something happens to some of the trees it would have almost no impact on owners profit.


What is the function of Bio Agro?

Bio-Agro acts as a service farmer taking care of trees.  Bio Agro main function is to control and monitor farms to ensure healthy growth of tress and their timely and diligent harvest.


How are my investments protected?

 Special sort of Ferragne-Ferraduel almond trees grown at our plantation gives steady annually increasing harvest. Almonds are not subject to inflation any other economic risks.  In case any currency falls, price on almonds jumps up immediately. Today’s world demand on almonds by far offsets current supply.  The only thing investor can face is an additional income due to another price growth on almonds.


What is included in an almond tree price?

Almond tree price includes the price of actual tree, land, rinsing and herbicides. We charge our service fee to take from split profit of annual almond harvest.


How I do I get profit?

Your main profit is almonds harvested at the end of September of each year.  Each money tree gives certain amount of nuts that are sold at market price and profit paid back to you.


If I purchase a tree, when can I return it back to you?

 You can return your tree back to us at any moment 24/7 before or after you collected profits from the harvest.  Value of your tree grows everyday so we are more than happy to return your full money back at any time. Also, you can sell it to another customer at higher price over time.


How can I track progress of my investments in trees and  returns?

Each purchase is legal contract of tree ownership which you can track in your online account.


What is minimum investment period to get returns?

Disregard of purchase date, the returns are paid in October of each year after the late September nuts harvest.The process is following: You purchase the tree, wait till October and get your returns.

If you want to quit you can return your tree back to us right after collecting harvest returns.


How can I purchase a money tree?

 Disregard of purchase date, the returns are paid in October of each year after the late September nuts harvest. You can purchase it online or you are more than welcome to visit our plantation and purchase it in the office.


Are there any risks involved?

Almond growing involves a number of risks such as weather, soil and different trees disease.

Most of the issues happen within the first two years of tree growth. Adaptation of the young trees to a new soil encompass most of the risks. The trees are put for sale are past due that period containing little risk for their owners.

In addition professional approach of our top-notch farmers allows us to make these risks next to zero.


What is your investment approach?

Almond trees were introduced to Azerbaijan region several years ago. Vast unused lands of dry and sunny climate proved to be perfectly fit for almond tree cultivation. It allowed us to exponentially expand our plantations. Having around 20 000 thousand trees under management planted within last three years. we are planning to quadruple our plantations size.

This requires lots of time and effort.

Having mastered service of almond tree growing in Azerbaijan we would like to fuel our expansion by attracting direct investors into flourishing business model.



What is your business model?


Agricultural business boom in Azerbaijan based on sharp growth of veggies and meat prices along with increasing government subsidies created a perfect opportunity to grow at above average rate.

Selling our money almond trees to investors allows us to expand in many directions including sheep and cow growing, herbicides and animal food production as long as production of canned veggies and meet.

In addition to selling of money trees we are planning to add cow and sheep sale at our farm for investment purposes on newly developed areas of agricultural cultivation.