Our Farms

Bio-Agro’s farms located in Zira region of Azerbaijan .

For many years Azerbaijan was known not only as oil and caviar producer but also as one the biggest suppliers of various type of agricultural products and animal livestock to a number of countries.

Nine climate zones along with favorable soil layers made Azerbaijan one of the attractive places for agricultural and farming activity.
Our farms are a good example of organically mixed almond plantation, livestock farm and agricultural production facility.Temperature volatility and humidity levels in the area allow almond trees to flourish.

Almond nuts are rare example of agricultural products that can stay fresh without fridge for a relatively long time and hold all nutrition and vitamins.

Animal farming is constantly growing due to a large territory of suitable pastures, abundance of hay and mild climate.With oil prices shrinking Azerbaijan changed its primary focus to the development of agricultural sector.
Ministry of agriculture of Azerbaijan plays a key role in supporting farming industry in the country through providing financing, connecting markets and giving consultations about regarding the available opportunities and potential threats.

Wide range of help from mineralized water to fertilizers and harvest equipment ensures solid and sound harvest of nuts  as well as healthy organic growth of the livestock.


Storage Facilities

Cow Farm

Lamb Farm