Our Investment Approach

Our investments opportunities are real time investments into different agricultural project of almond plantation. Contrary to other risky assets Bio Agro provides investment solutions where actual economic risks are at close to zero level.  Our almond investment projects have almost no economic risks as demand on agricultural produce experiences steady growth and does not change with economic fluctuations.  In addition to that we almond producers get subsidies from the government during first three years of fresh trees grow.

You Earn We Grow.

Any investor is looking for opportunity for maximum gains with minimum risks. To achieve that one should maintain full control over investment amount. Crowd farming investment approach creates a perfect opportunity to become a protected investor while having full control over your investment asset. Our investment model is a purchase of almond trees at our plantations that give harvest on annual basis. With our investment approach investor becomes an owner of agricultural commodity that is being taken care of at our farms by the experienced professionals. Our approach provides an opportunity to profit from harvest of the almond trees without having any prior expertise. Long expertise in the industry allows us to minimize the risks and maximize the harvest for the split profit on gains from almond harvest. Almond tree sale prices depend on the age of the trees, time of purchase and tree harvest record. Offers are changing on a daily basis as trees are constantly growing. You can check out current offers at our investment Products   page.

Why choose us ?

You should pick us

Your investment is a purchase of a growing commodity.

Your purchase at our farm is taken care by our farmers.

Each type of commodity gains value over time and can be sold back to us at any moment.

Your  investment is risk and inflation free whether it is  placed in almond trees or a livestock.  Growth of your investment takes place due to actual value growth  of the commodity.

Sell it at any time or wait till maturity to secure the maximum profit.

Each time we set up a new farm new investment products started to be available for sale.